Steve Christopher

When working on films in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, I was often jealous of fellow actors who talked of their great training opportunities. When a co-worker’s sister mentioned over lunch that Kymberly Harris was teaching a class, and told me of her credentials, I called her immediately. As luck would have it, a new session was starting that evening, and I haven’t quit going to her since! View his IMDB profile.

Britt Lower

Kymberly’s guidance and deep knowledge of this craft helped me understand the essential search for a character’s need. She gave me the tools I needed to become an active artist, both on stage and off, and I am deeply grateful for the confidence I gained while in her classes. She is a wonderful mentor for beginners and seasoned actors alike and her deep passion for her students is quite unprecedented. Britt Lower: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3138882/

Jason Davis

These classes have provided much needed nourishment for my soul. I was looking for something. I found it!

Rito Balducci

Kymberly’s class has taught me to express myself and to be confident in my abilities. I love the excitement and challenges of working with my fellow students and actors, this is such a great group to work with.

Jake Marsh

In my time with TheatresCool, I have really seen my own skill in acting, and my appreciation of the craft grow incredibly. The class is very supportive environment for expressing creativity.

Patti Brent

After meeting Kymberly, I knew I had to join her class. She is a true professional and she connects with each individual student to inspire them and direct them to reach their true acting potential. I’ve always had an interest in theater, but never had the right avenue to pursue its possibilities. After studying here, I feel my options are limitless and the pathway is very clear to me now.

Wes Melton

A chance to work with talented people. The opportunity to develop new skills and refresh forgotten ones. The desire to reach for goals earlier thought unachievable. Friendships and memories. These things, and many more, can be found at the TheatresCool. I know this for a fact, because I have found them here.

Lyndi Leesman

I have been taking acting classes with Kymberly for a little over 2 years now and I am completely and totally in love with these classes! I walked in the doors planning on bettering my acting abilities for my school and now 2 years later I have jump started a career. I have learned so much about the mechanics of acting and a lot about myself as well. I need this class to practically function and I thank Kymberly for bringing it into my life. I love all of the people I have met and the awesome experiences that I have had because of this class. I look forward to class so that I can become more connected with myself.

Ethan Harris Riggs

My mother, Kymberly, is Theatrescool’s artistic director so I’ve been here quite a while now. Not only has it really helped me improve my acting skills, but has given me another family! I’ve met so many wonderful people and actors at Theatrescool, which lets me be comfortable expressing myself. I picked up many acting tools for personalization, my imagination skills, memorization and even writing skills! Theatrescool has helped me get into commercials, print ads, and independent films and musicals. Theatrescool is a fun, comfortable, creative space where you can express yourself through characters in the most unique ways! Ethan Harris Riggs: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4212198/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Zachary Thomas

TheatresCool has provided me the opportunity to interact with other artists in a safe environment. I have learned so much from Kymberly and the other wonderful actors. She has helped me gain the confidence it takes to become a successful actor. This class has given me the space to express myself through the character’s shoes. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Emma Blyth

I have been in Kymberly Harris’ class  for going on 4 years now and still I manage to find something new to take from the class. Not only did the class further my acting abilities, it gave me a creative outlet and a place where I felt like I could express myself. This is a supportive and nurturing environment to create truly amazing work. Emma Blyth: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3238101/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Tom Jackson

I’ve learned something new about acting – and about myself – in every class since joining TheatresCool in July 2007. I’m always surprised and delighted at the work Kymberly Harris helps us draw from within ourselves each week. As both an actor and as a writer, I know you can’t ask for any more than that from an artistic director – whether you’re in Central Illinois, Chicago, New York, anywhere.

Cecily Hill

ceceBefore I was in Kymberly’s drama classes, I didn’t know much at all about acting – just that I liked it. She has helped me learn how to be a good actress and to love drama even more.

Lori Marmion

Kymberly Harris  has been great launching me into the real business of acting. Her direction is fantastic and her technique is the real deal. The beginner or the more experienced actor, can benefit from her classes. Kymberly is certainly an expert in her field and great at preparing her students for the realities of the industry! I have always wanted professional acting training and this has made that a reality.

Markie Jo Crismon

TheatresCool has been nothing short of a journey for me. And to think that it all began with a little yellow flyer in a coffee shop. When I first enrolled in the Teen class a summer ago, all I was expecting was a ten week workshop to enlighten me ever so much about the art of acting before sending me on my way. Instead I found an underground institution. A year later, I find myself in the adult class, a huge supportive family of artists behind me, and a budding career in acting and film direction. Kymberly has created a school that goes beyond the art of method acting. At TheatresCool the soul can breathe fresh air and the mind can explore depths of creativity that this hectic world barely leaves room for. TheatresCool – not just a place for actors, but a place for diverse open people. Thank you Kymberly. Thank you fellow Actors. Thank you TheatresCool.

Christi Koehl

This was exactly what I needed. I was able to hone my skills as an actor with love and support from my teacher and fellow actors. Kymberly is very encouraging and inspiring. I especially love the ‘Rockstar’ class assignment.

Sarah Tongren

Kymberly has created an environment of limitless possibilities and development both professionally and personally. She is brilliant and works hard to support the artist in each of us. This has changed my life and opened the door to opportunities that I only dreamed of. I am so thankful to have found a supportive and professional environment to nurture my inner artist.

Marcus Smith

I’m truly inspired by the art we create in our theatrical laboratory. The method acting techniques we practice expand our range and capabilities, while giving us the opportunity to explore characters and stories from a wide range of genres, writers, and mediums. The instruction and direction from Kymberly is fantastic; when you add that to the strong collaboration and commitment from the adult ensemble, it produces a gratifying artistic and professional experience.

Taylor Lynn Porter

Acting is what I’ve always wanted to do. I can’t even picture myself doing anything else. Before I knew about and started going to TheatresCool, I didn’t have a clue as to how I would be able to follow these dreams of mine. After discovering this little sanctuary; my knowledge of acting, as well as my talent increased dramatically. Thanks to Kymberly. I honestly don’t know where I would be in life right now if I hadn’t started attending these classes. I didn’t only strengthen my craft, but also my confidence. TheatresCool is not just a place to better your acting abilities, but it’s a place where you can feel safe and accepted. Everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s a perfect learning environment for anyone interested in acting and even people who are simply trying to find themselves.IMDB

Kimberly Peavler

Kymberly Harris’s professionalism and experience with the Method technique instructs and provides me with the capability to bring my characters to life. She offers a safe and nurturing environment to explore all corners of my creativity. I am a vibrant person filled with love and great passion, qualities that where buried or non-existent until I discovered this. I am thankful to have found a new life filled with the knowledge and the beauty of acting.

Steven Harrison

It was my very first class with Kymberly that opened my eyes to everything. I quickly learned through her exercises how to deeply connect to my emotions, to prevent myself from judging my characters but rather understand and justify why they do the things they do. Other than helping me become a better actor, Kymberly taught me to not be afraid to take chances which has led me to study acting in college this year. I can’t thank Kymberly enough for all she has done for me.

Paul Iutzi

Kymberly Harris’s TheatresCool is a fantastic acting workshop. It’s more than that, though. It’s a second chance to do something I love. It’s a community of talented and supportive artists who inspire me to take artistic risks. It’s a place I can try, fall flat on my face, learn, and succeed.

Eric Shellito

I am not an actor, but in my field of work I do need to give presentations or speak at trade events. Kymberly Harris’ coaching has been a great learning experience, helping me better express myself and my ideas to clients and peers. Her class also gives you the chance to work with some wonderfully talented people, and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Zachary William Thomas

I always liked acting, be it with my family, friends, or whatever. I just love to entertain. And I wanted to further that, but I didn’t know how or where to go. This is the most fun learning experience I’ve ever had, its a very warm environment, and after the first few minutes you feel at home. Kymberly is an awesome teacher, her ability to help you bring the most out of a character is amazing. I haven’t been going a very long time, but from what I’m learning here, and the fun I’m having here, I hope to stay for a very long time.

Malcolm Bihm

The adult acting class has been a great experience. I’ve always been interested in acting and after taking a few of these classes, acting is something I definitely want to pursue. Another reason I decided to take this class was to help me with presentations at work. I naturally get nervous sometimes in front of a crowd and this class has taught me how to channel certain emotions and put them on full display. Improv is the next challenge and I can’t wait to get instruction from Kim on how to improve.

Randy Bernales

Kymberly is an amazing mentor as she allows her students to explore their own creative potential and bring their true talents to light. I am extremely happy to attend her classes and will continue surprise myself with the challenges and possibilities presented in each new session.

Tony Holden

I have always had a passion for movies growing up and wonder how it would feel to get in touch with a character.  These classes train me on how to get in touch with the character and not be afraid to take risk with the character and bring it to life.  Kymberly instructs with such passion that it makes you want to do better each time you on stage.


Ryan Bernales

Kymberly does a brilliant job of teaching the theory of Method acting while recognizing and working on the strengths and weaknesses in each student, and every class feels like a fun and exciting artistic journey. I feel I have advanced leaps and bounds during my time in the class room and I look forward to each new session!

Kayla Bullock

I walked in not knowing what to expect. I wanted to be able to connect with myself and further my acting, but I am walking out with so much more than that. I can honestly say that Kymberly showed me a way of acting that I had never seen before. She helped me see life as an open book again, and in the process I was able to see how much more there is to acting and now I am furthering my career more than I ever thought possible. Kymberly gave me the confidence to believe in myself and I am forever grateful for that. I have been taking the classes for about a year and I cannot remember what my life was like without them. I look forward to Saturdays every week knowing all the fun and excitement that lies ahead.

Marya Manak

Working with Kymberly is like working with my own personal soul trainer.  Where so much of life encourages ‘shut down’,  her class is all about opening out authentically.  Acting is an art that demands truth and connection.  It is wonderful to have a coach who is so committed to both and to be encouraged to seriously engage.

Steve Halle

I am so grateful to Kymberly Harris and TheatresCool for creating Re:Verse, a monthly reading series for local and visiting writers to showcase their work. It has been so memorable for me to be able to share the stage twice with my students from the Bloomington Junior High School Seventh Grade Poetry Club as part of this series. I love that the Re:Verse series features an open mic where all attendees can perform work along with featured readers, and that TheatresCool is interested in fostering that sense of community among artists. Knowing that I’ll have an opportunity to perform a poem at each open mic keeps challenging me to write more and better poems. I’m also glad to see poetry readings, which can sometimes be considered boring or stuffy, be brought into a space and onto a stage where performance is paramount. Digital portrait by local artist Didi Menendez.

Jake Braverman

Kymberly Harris is so passionate about the craft and her students. If you are an actor but too shy to show the world don’t let that hold you back. It took Christopher Walken 60 times before he nailed his private moment! It’s taken me a while to open up too. but Kymberly is so kind and great that it’s easy.

Ryan Nateghpour

I am 5 years old, I love Ms. Kymberly Harris. She has taught me how to play roles and act different characters. I love acting and I love my class.

Melea Hauck


I started taking classes with Ms. Kymberly in 2008 and it has changed my life. She has helped me by teaching me how to act, imagine, how to create plays and to make friends.  The classes take you step by step to learn new things and Ms. Kymberly is very patient.  This has helped me to do better in auditions and learn how to listen and work with directors.  Since being part of class, I have been in commercials (video and print), a play, and two movies. Download her resume

Grace Cannell

I have been going to TheatresCool since first grade and I am almost in 8th grade. I have learned to act, perform monologues, scenes, and most of all, I learned how to be myself. Kymberly taught me how to speak in public. I love TheatresCool and I will go there as long as they will let me. Maybe even when I am 900 years old