Private Coaching with Kymberly Harris


Private coaching sessions with Kymberly will help you create an acting technique, audition succesfully, make outstanding choices within the script, and develop skills such as relevant sensory work, emotional connection, and identifying with the character authentically.

Kymberly Harris offers private coaching to actors of all ages. Private coaching sessions are great if you are just starting out, preparing for an audition, or to fine-tune your skills, as well as for overcoming self-esteem issues or creative blocks. Harris is an award winning actor, writer, and director who teaches  beginning and professional actors of all ages. Please see the testimonies of a few of her students, here.


Not in LA? No problem.

Kymberly has the ability to coach from anywhere in the world via Skype! You get private, personalized coaching that is just like being in the same room.

So, if you are not in town (or just hate sitting in traffic!!!), all you need is a computer, a WebCam, and a good internet connection and we can get started on your path to deepened artistry and success in your creative career.

On-Set Coaching

Kymberly is available to be hired by professional actors and studios for specific television,  film and TV projects.  She has experience and success in coaching working and beginning actors, and models as they transition to acting.

Contact us at to create this opportunity to hire an acting coach for your project. Day rates apply for on set coaching.



How to schedule your private Skype session:

1. Email Kymberly at to schedule your session.

2. Install Skype and inform Kymberly of your username/email and phone number.

3. Connect to Skype before your session is to begin and Kymberly will call you when it is time to start. It is that simple!

Payment must be received by Venmo or Pay Pal before your scheduled time.