Heroic Age Studios


Since 1992, Heroic Age and its team of talented artists have been supplying everything from graphic design and animation, to full-service commercial, video, documentary, and motion picture productions. Heroic Age is a self-contained studio, with a national reputation fro being on the cutting edge of entertainment technology. Heroic Age is also a full-fledged entertainment company with over 70 copyrighted characters and concepts as well as multiple comic book and film projects in various stages of development.

Eric Hector is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Millikin University. At the time of Eric’s attendance, Millikin was ranked as one of the Top Ten Private Universities of its size in the nation. Eric won several prestigious awards during his academic career, including a creative writing scholarship, and The Scovill Award, Millikin’s highest award for academic excellence and leadership. Eric served his College Internship at Marvel Comics in New York, NY, where he created th first ever Photoshop Colored monthly comic book in Marvel’s history. In 1992, Eric returned to Illinois where upon graduation he formed Heroic Age Studios. The studio participates in projects involving some of the most reconizable properties on the planet, including Lucas Film’s Star Wars, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Hanna Barbera’s Scooby Doo, DC Comic’s Batman and Marvel Comics’ Spider-man. As Heroic Age grew it continued to work with Marvel Entertainment, as well as branching out to supply artistic and creative services to countless clients, including DC Comics, DC Kids, Archie, Dark Horse, Acclaim/Disney, Image, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and numerous advertising agencies and movie producers. Through Heroic Age, Eric has worked as a production designer for animated films. He has been a writer and developer for characters and creative concepts for clients as diverse as Warner Brothers and personalities from the Food Network. Eric is a featured speaker at schools, art organizations, churches, libraries and universities. He has both taught and developed curriculum as well as programs for colleges. He is a lifetime member of The Digital Cinema Society and has written and directed countless Davey, Ava, Communicator and Telly award-winning television commercials, as well as both long- and short-form video productions.

Tim Lynn, is a 1989 graduate of the reowned Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. In the early 90s, Tim began his carer doing live sound for Zeo Brothers Productions in Philadelphia, PA, where he worked with numerous regional and national acts. During this time, he began to work closely with MTV and cemented his passion for cinematography. Time then returned to Illinois and began his professional career in cinematic production before partnering with Eric as part of Heroic Age. Tim is the area’s most respected cinematographer. He has taught courses on various elements of film production. He has produced, shot and edited numerous Davey, Ava, Communicator and Telly award-winning commercials, music videos, industrial, documentary, educational, and independent films. Tim has won an Independent Film Award for Best Lighting in a Feature Film. Tim is also a lifetime member of The Digital Cinema Society. He has shot in Prague, Czechoslovakia; Amsterdam, Denmark; Caracas, Venezuela; as well as all across the continental United States.